Karen Bennett

Yoga and Massage

P R I V A T E S  / O N E   T O   O N E 

These sessions are enormously beneficial for both a complete beginner or for a student that wishes to fine-tune their practice. They are also very useful if you are returning to yoga following an illness, injury or life changing event.


In this session Karen will offer you her focused attention to help you build confidence and to tailor a programme to suit your individual needs both on a physical and emotional level.


All sessions are held at your accommodation and all equipment is provided. Further tuition online is also available after your session, to help you maintain and advance your practice.


Length of each session is 1.5 hours minimum.


B E G I N N E R S 

Complete beginners often express their biggest worry to be whether they are doing a posture safely or correctly.


In this session Karen will help you to understand the basics of yoga; including the philosophy of yoga, correct breathing and optimal physical alignment within the main groups of yoga postures (standing, twisting, seated, forward and backward bending and inversions).


Karen will help you to modify the poses to suit your body and give you a home practice that suits your body’s physical and emotional needs and your realistic time constraints.


After this session Karen hopes you will feel ready to join a general class being equipped with more understanding of safety, alignment and your body’s current needs and limitations.

I M P R O V E R S  / I N T E R M E D I A T E 

If you have been doing yoga for some time but feel there are certain areas of your practice you would like to fine-tune, or you have a recent injury that now limits your practice and you are not sure how to modify your routine, or maybe you feel you have just simply reached a plateau in your practice and want a new routine or fresh perspective then please book a private improver's session with Karen.


After this session Karen hopes you will better understand where you are in your practice in terms of your alignment and physical and emotional needs and to have helped you to move forward with a routine that can grow with your practice and life.


R E H A B I L I T A T I V E 

You may not be ready to go back to your Yoga class or you may have never tried yoga but may have been recommended to start Yoga to help you to get fit and strong again.


In this session Karen will discuss where you are now in terms of your emotional and physical health and where you would like to be.


Based on this she will then put together a safe routine with any necessary modifications and advice on how to move in and out of postures safely. Advice will be offered on what postures not only work well now but on how to advance your practice as you continue in your recovery.