Karen Bennett

Yoga and Massage

"Karen is a beautiful teacher who really shines the light into peoples lives, I went on a yoga retreat and came away wanting to change my life. Her teaching is heartfelt and totally authentic. She has so much knowledge and experience and her class leaves you feeling challenged, grounded and supported. Karen has a rare talent. she makes you feel like she knows you and your practice inside and out, that she knows what you need, not just physically but mentally and spiritually. She has a sincere, calm and comforting way of explaining things, that is both encouraging and supportive at the same time. Karen actually inspired me to enrol on my third teacher training, I was so impressed by the way she taught that I knew I wanted to teach with the same authenticity and passion as her, she is truly inspirational. She is also a little bit addictive, I go back to see her year after year and attend her workshops when she is in the UK. Oh and the massage……..absolute bliss!"

Jacquie O'Sullivan



"I was very lucky to have been taught by Karen for a couple of summers whilst working in Vassiliki. Karen’s ability to communicate her vast knowledge of yoga in a clear, positive and encouraging way transformed my practice. She is inspiring and enlightening, and is one of the best yoga teachers I have ever come across in my 15 years of practice. I am grateful to her in so many ways, as she truly started my passion for yoga. Thank you!"

Andrea Wellbelove


"Karen's yoga classes are an absolute pleasure. She shares with you her technical knowledge & experience to help you to understand your body, breath and yoga poses, whilst creating a relaxing and calming atmosphere to leave you feeling energised, educated & strong."

Holly Pearn


"I first met Karen in the summer of 2010 after the sudden loss of my mum. I had some yoga experience, but would still describe myself as a beginner.  I spent a week with Karen and practiced everyday, sometimes more than once a day with her. I also managed to fit in 3 of her wonderful healing massages, she has very strong magical hands! By the end of the week, I left feeling like a different person and knew I wanted to continue practicing with Karen. Karen is a truly special person, her teaching is amazing and she has an innate ability to heal and bring out the best in you.  She is able to teach all levels, supporting beginners and incorporating a more dynamic practice for those that want it. I truly valued the friendship and support that she offered to me during a very difficult time, not to mention my yoga improved massively.  Since that week, I have been on a number of workshops and also been on three more holidays with Karen.  I cannot recommend her more highly; she is a truly magical person."

Kerry Morris



"Karen is a brilliant yoga teacher who brings a lovely grounded and calming energy to her teaching. She has so much knowledge about yoga and is passionate about sharing that with everyone in her classes. She is very patient and creates a really peaceful yet energised space in which to practice."

Judy Smart


"Karen has such a beautiful energy. She is gentle, calming, comforting and nurturing. You automatically relax and feel safe in her company, whether you're attending her yoga classes or one of her massage sessions. Karen is a natural healer and I highly recommend her. Her massage sessions are amazing and I just love her yoga classes too. Karen is such a fantastic yoga teacher she is very experienced and takes the time to gently readjust you or to give you any modifications. The main reason that I return to Lefkas is to see Karen!"

Nikki Treweek