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About Karen

Karen Bennett

Karen Bennett is a fully qualified and experienced yoga teacher and massage therapist. She is also a trained nurse, wife and mother.


Karen loves all things creative and is a traveler and adventurer by heart. She loves exploring her environment on foot and swimming or SUPing in the mornings when the sea is like a mirror. Passionate about all things health and well-being and a life-long student of yoga.

Karen first started practicing yoga in 1996 and began teaching in 2005 after completing a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance) at the The Life Centre in London. Her initial motivation to start practicing yoga came from wanting and needing to better manage stress and anxiety. Through the practice of yoga on a daily basis her life was transformed. This was what led her to want to teach, hoping to inspire others to find the holistic teachings, benefits and joys of yoga.

For Karen the time on her mat is an essential part of her day. To simply sit and be or to move her body fully, or both; whatever she needs that day to help her maintain her physical and emotional well-being. It grounds her and gives her a space to breathe and to connect to life at a deeper level. It is a place for her to recharge and revitalise. To really feel all of life, unwinding both physically and emotionally so she can experience a firmer, wiser and more sure foundation.

Karen's journey to living on Lefkada was not a planned one, but has been one of the most fulfilling choices she has made. In 2006 she took a career break from nursing to come to Lefkada and teach yoga full time during the summer seasons. She became the resident yoga teacher and massage therapist for the holiday company, Healthy Options, for 10 summers. During this time she met her husband Joe and after the birth of their son they decided to stay in Vassiliki and call this stunning Island their home.


Karen now works for herself and loves the freedom and opportunities this gives her. During the summer months she offers private retreats, massage treatments and teaches yoga on a 1-1 or small class basis in private rental Villas in and around the Vassiliki area, and in the South and the West of the Island. She is also the resident yoga teacher for a local windsurfing school in Vassiliki, Club Vass, teaching yoga classes there regularly between June & September. During the winter months she teaches yoga online and in person to the local community and offers massage treatments locally.


Karen loves what she does and gets so much from her teaching. Seeing people connect to their practice and hearing some of the ways in which their life has been transformed is her biggest motivation. Along the way Karen has had the great fortune to study with many inspirational teachers and is deeply grateful to them as they all inspire her teaching on a daily basis. Karen is committed to a life-long study of yoga and bodywork and attends teacher trainings, workshops, retreats, online seminars and self-study whenever possible.

Qualifications & Experience

Completed Training:

200hrs Teacher Training with Life Centre, London UK, including Level 1 Restorative Yoga with

Judith Hanson Lassater, Yoga Alliance certified

300hrs Teacher Training with Jason Crandell Yoga Method, Yoga Alliance Certified

200hrs Authentic Flow & Yin Yoga Teacher Training

40hrs Somatic Movement Teacher Training with Radiant Star Yoga

20hrs Yin Yoga The Functional Approach with Paul Grilley

20hrs Myofascial Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Evy Ferraro


Further Training in progress:

50hrs Yin Teacher Training with Bernie Clark

75hrs Vinyasa Krama ParaYoga Teacher Training with Rod Stryker

75hrs Restorative Teacher Training with Arhanta Yoga

40hrs Menopause Teacher Training with Petra Coveney

30hrs Advanced TCM Yoga Teacher Training with Yoga Medicine 

Yoga Deconstructed Movement Science Principles for Teaching with Trina Altman

Foundational Yoga Nidra Course with Yoga Nidra Network

Yoga Qualifications

Massage Qualifications

Completed Training:


Sports and Remedial massage - Level 5 Advanced Diploma

(AHG Manchester 2009)

Sports Therapy including Kinesiology Taping - Level 5 Advanced Diploma

(AHG Manchester 2009)

Chavutti Thirumal massage therapy - massage by foot pressure

(Brighton 2003)*

Thai yoga massage therapy - Advanced Level

(ITM Chiang Mai 2006)*

Thai Reflexology

(ITM Chiang Mai 2006)

*not currently available

Further Training in progress:

CPD course in dry cupping therapy with Core Elements, UK

CPD course in Hot Stone Therapy with Core Elements, UK

Body Master Diploma modules with John Gibbons, UK

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