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About Karen

Karen Bennett

Karen Bennett is a highly qualified and experienced yoga teacher with a YA EYRT-500hrs certification and a background in massage therapy. In addition to her professional skills, Karen is a retired cardiac nurse, wife and mother.


Karen's passion for creativity and adventure shines through in her love for art, travel and nature. She finds inspiration and joy from many avenues; on her mat in a wide variety of movement practices, finding time to doodle in her sketch book, immersing herself in walks in the mountains, swimming in the sea, curled up with a good book or watching a movie, listening to podcasts, cooking for her family, music and spending time with her family, friends and their newly beloved dog Scout.


Her dedication to health and wellbeing practices is evident in her commitment to lifelong learning and personal growth through yoga and more recently other movement modalities.


Karen has over two decades of experience in yoga, and began teaching in 2005 after completing a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training at The Life Centre in London. Her journey into yoga was driven by a desire to manage stress and anxiety, leading to a transformative experience that motivated her to share the benefits of yoga with others.

For Karen, her yoga practice is a time for self-reflection and connection. Her mat serves as a laboratory for movement, breath, and introspection, allowing her to recharge and find balance amidst life's challenges. This deep connection to yoga has guided her in her decision to make Lefkada her home, where she teaches private classes, offers bodywork sessions and runs retreats during the summer months.


Karen's teaching style is rooted in a profound understanding of the holistic benefits of yoga, and she is dedicated to helping her students uncover the transformative power of the practice. Continuously seeking inspiration from her teachers and fellow practitioners, Karen remains committed to her personal and professional growth through ongoing education and training.


With heartfelt gratitude and a spirit of lifelong learning fun and adventure, Karen continues to inspire others on their yoga journey, inviting them to explore the depths of their practice and experience life's joys with more presence and wisdom.

Qualifications & Experience

Completed Training:

200hrs Teacher Training with Life Centre, London UK, including Level 1 Restorative Yoga with

Judith Hanson Lassater, Yoga Alliance certified

300hrs Teacher Training with Jason Crandell Yoga Method, Yoga Alliance Certified

120hrs Authentic Flow & Yin Yoga Teacher Training

40hrs Somatic Movement Teacher Training with Radiant Star Yoga

20hrs Yin Yoga The Functional Approach with Paul Grilley

20hrs Myofascial Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Evy Ferraro

40hrs Menopause Teacher Training with Petra Coveney

50hrs Yin Teacher Training with Bernie Clark

Further Training in progress:

75hrs Vinyasa Krama ParaYoga Teacher Training with Rod Stryker

75hrs Restorative Teacher Training with Arhanta Yoga

30hrs Advanced TCM Yoga Teacher Training with Yoga Medicine 

Yoga Deconstructed Movement Science Principles for Teaching with Trina Altman

Foundational Yoga Nidra Course with Yoga Nidra Network

Yoga Qualifications

Massage Qualifications

Completed Training:

Pelvic Balancing Pro

(with Ruth Duncan - part of CiMFT course, UK 2024)


CPD course in dry cupping therapy

(with Core Elements, UK 2022)

CPD course in Hot Stone Therapy

(with Core Elements, UK 2022)


Sports and Remedial massage - Level 5 Advanced Diploma

(AHG Manchester 2009)

Sports Therapy including Kinesiology Taping - Level 5 Advanced Diploma

(AHG Manchester 2009)

Chavutti Thirumal massage therapy - massage by foot pressure

(Brighton 2003)*

Thai yoga massage therapy - Advanced Level

(ITM Chiang Mai 2006)*

Thai Reflexology

(ITM Chiang Mai 2006)

*not currently available

Further Training in progress:

Body Master Diploma modules with John Gibbons, UK

Eric dalton Freedom from Pain Institute - MAT

Certificate in Integrated Myofascial Release CiMFT - Myofascial Release UK

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