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The Six Essential Cores in Yoga

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9th January

The comprehensive muscular core Part 1 

What is it and why is it important, how does it relate  to the spine and the axial skeleton.

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- 2 -

30th January

Strengthening your posterior core

Often this is a weak spot and an area that we have tried to stretch and lengthen but really need to strengthen and support. Think backbends! 

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- 3 -

13th February

A deeper dive to the abdominals 

What do they do and a look at some of the poses, modernisations and modifications of these poses that help support each group of core muscles, including basic arm balances, side planks and backbends.

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- 4 -

20th February

Strengthening your twisting core 

What are the rotational muscles and how do we use them. A practice that focusses on twists and strengthening these muscles.

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- 5 -

6th March

The Traditional Core Part 1 

The core as perceived in traditional Hatha yoga; breath, bandhas & the core of Patanjalis philosophy and how it might be interpreted in our practice today.

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- 6 -

20th March

The Traditional Core Part 2 

The core ass perceived in traditional yoga; the chakras and nadis and how they relate to our practice.

Prices Workshops

€25/£20 per session


€120/£110 for the whole series.


10.30am-13.00pm UK time.


All Classes are currently offered online only via Zoom

(Timings are UK. All classes are All Levels)

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