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Karen has more than 25 years of personal yoga practice and over 15 years teaching experience. She is a fully qualified EYRT 500hrs Yoga Alliance teacher, with more than 7000hrs teaching experience. Her main training was 200hrs with the Yoga Campus, London, UK in 2004 and more recently a further 300hrs with one of her primary teachers Jason Crandell. She considers herself a lifelong student of yoga, wellness, embodiment and movement modalities. Continually curious and evolving, finding methods within the wider field of yoga and movement practices that allow for easeful movement patterns in the body and a more peaceful mind. 


Karen's classes incorporate asana, movement, relaxation, pranayama, and meditation. Her teaching style has its roots within flow yoga and traditional hatha yoga. Her classes have an emphasis on feeling into a pose to find the shape that works best for your body as it is in that moment, rather than looking like a textbook shape. With further studies and teacher training taken more recently in somatics, embodiment based practices, and functional movement modalities she interweaves these progressive areas within her classes.


Karen also teaches yin and restorative forms of yoga as she believes these are essential practices within yoga to help create balance in our modern lives. She has a special interest in women's health and has taken further training in yoga for menopause. She is currently undertaking further training in the use of myofascial release (MFR) in yin yoga, Womens health, TCM 5 Element Theory and yoga nidra.


Karen has a wealth of experience in massage therapy and body work. 

She has been working in her field for over 15 years and holds qualifications to the highest levels in Sports and Remedial,

Deep Tissue Holistic, Relaxing, Traditional Thai & Chavutti Thirumal massage. She is currently taking further studies with Myofascial Release UK to gain her CiMFT, John Gibbons the BodyMaster and with Erik Dalton and the Freedom From Pain Institute.


Her massage is a blend of all these styles and is best described as a clinically based, therapeutic and intuitive deep tissue massage. Leaving you feeling released from long-held tension and pain, and both relaxed and rejuvenated.

Everyone can benefit from a massage, whether you are a regular exerciser, or suffer from day-to-day stresses, or postural habits leading to tension & pain.


Yoga Testimonials

Karen Bennett Yoga

'Whether you're new to yoga, or have been practising for years, you will love Karen' s online sessions. Her explanations and guidance are so very clear.
Karen makes certain you can see every movement - it's like having a 1:1 lesson. Every session is carefully planned to take account of individuals' capabilities. Through her caring, sincere nature, she has built relationships with each of us - despite the distance! Thank you so much Karen. ❤️"

Meg 2021

Massage Testimonials

Back Massage

"The massage was magical. Bizarre but I really feel like I've got wings ever since."

Women's wisdom retreat 2021

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